Casarini Robotica

Italian Hyundai Partner

The name of the Italian robotics from
25 years..

About Us

The CASARINI ROBOTICA was founded in the early nineties by the solid experience of the founder, gained by selling and installing one of the first industrial robots introduced in Italy by one of the world’s largest manufacturers of robots. The activities initially focused on technical assistance in Italy and abroad is extended soon, as a result of increasing customer demands, with the construction of standard and special robotic systems for all industrial applications…


Casarini Robotica srl

....poche parole per dire che a noi le macchine piacciono così. Veloci e precise.

DALCA Brasil

Posicionadores de alta velocidade e precisão. Utilizados em células robotizas de solda, laser, corte, usinagem.

GF Robot srl

Orizzonte arancione.

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