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C.B.M. spa Modena

Hyundai HH050 robot used in a tapering press application


CBM Group S.p.a. Historical company of great importance in the national industrial panorama, with offices in countries of the European and non-European communities, chooses Casarini Robotica as its partner and in this case the work and partnership projects have not been addressed as could be expected on a welding plant but rather on a different application that demonstrates our technical capabilities and our industrial flexibility with facts.

In this case we are talking about machine interlocking and going specifically, two interlocking islands with hydraulic hose tapers

in all its phases, from picking to storage, using a Hyundai model HH050 anthropomorphic industrial robot with a 50kg capacity on the wrist for each plant, both equipped with mechanical gripping systems with one and two grippers of our design and construction.

Great reliability and performance of the systems that have reached important production standards to date with the extreme satisfaction of our customer.