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Modula spa

Every Modula Warehouse sold worldwide has been welded with our Hyundai robots

Modula was born in 1987 in System Spa being also the daughter of the innovative ideas of Eng. Franco Stefani. The collaboration took shape in 2016, the year in which the company became an independent company in all respects and Modula SpA was born.
At that time they called us to develop the assembly and welding project of the lateral metal structures that make up the vertical warehouses, known in jargon as “Lift”. We developed a project based on the Automotive model, TurnKey, taking charge of both the construction of the plant and the design and construction of the equipment that had to contain, refer and block the elements that made up the product. The equipment had to adapt to the various models of “stairs” and therefore be modular, able to adapt to production needs through a quick Set-Up.

A Hyundai model HA006B industrial anthropomorphic robot was used for the plant, mounted upside down on a motorized two-column overhead portal in X axis (longitudinal stroke). The work areas are represented by a double lathe system with 0/180 ° vertical station change with 2500 x 1500 mm width of rolling stock and 500kg capacity per lathe. All motion peripherals are driven by Hyundai robot axis motors including station change. In this case, the robot controller manages 6 + 4 external axes. As the sealing part, in this specific case, the choice was directed to a generator that is unique in terms of process characteristics, Fronius TPSi 400 CMT (Cold Metal Transfert). The generator has a unique Mig / Mag welding process with a dynamic mechanical control of the welding wire, drastically reducing the heat input and consequently reducing the deformations of the material, essential for achieving the required quality standards and returning in the parameters indicated for dimensional tolerances.

The project was presented in 2017 to Eng. Stefani who commissioned us three plants, one for each production plant in Modula, Italy Salvaterra di Casalgrande Re, Suzhou province of Jiangsu China, Lewiston Maine United States.

Between 2017 and 2019 the systems were assembled, installed, and started up at the various production sites. In 2018 Modula Italia commissioned us an additional twin plant for the production of a new product called “Slim” in jargon. This year, with the opening of a new production plant in Franklin Ohio USA, we have been commissioned for the fifth Hyundai robotic plant which will go into installation and start-up in September 2020.