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O.G.B. srl Metal Processing

O.G.B. Srl Metalworking Osimo (AN)

The first working contacts with Mr. Giuseppe Baleani take place in 2014 and then continue over time until 2016 when, after a series of careful technical evaluations, Casarini Robotica supplies an interlocking island to a latest generation 9 BLM tube bender. electric axes consisting of a Hyundai robot model HH050, a loading system, an unloading system and a gripping system of our complete design and construction.

After this first collaborative experience, relations with O.G.B. have continued and strengthened over time.

In 2019 a robotic welding system was installed consisting of an industrial anthropomorphic robot Hyundai HA006L operating on a double orbital system (for a total of 13 controlled axes) entirely designed and built by Casarini Robotica, using criteria and mechanical components of the highest quality. .