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System Logistics S.p.a.


In 2012 System S.p.a. represented a world-leading international group, specialized in automation for the ceramic industry and in the packaging, logistics, intralogistics and electronics sectors.

The first contact between System Logistics and Casarini Robotica took place in 2012, when the group was still under the guidance of Eng. Franco Stefani its founder in 1987.

We were commissioned to carry out a small maintenance and modification job at their production department on an existing robotic plant. Since then the relationship with the System group has grown exponentially, has developed and expanded over the years. At the beginning, with the sole supply of systems without the robot part, given the direct relationships already acquired with Fanuc Italia.

In 2016 System Logistics becomes part of the Krones Group, world leader in the production of filling and packaging technologies, and the working relationships grow and develop into new projects of active collaboration, providing integrated robotic solutions from Pal-Depal.

It is precisely on the occasion of the first shared project that System Logistics, after careful technical evaluations, certifies and approves the use of a Hyundai HS220 industrial anthropomorphic robot, commissioning Casarini Robotica to integrate and install the system. It will most likely be in 2021 that System Logistics will inaugurate the new headquarters in Fiorano Modenese where offices and production plants will be housed. It will be a beautiful and important Hyundai robotic welding system with double robots to take care of the production of the pylons that make up the moving systems of the automatic warehouses.
With this System Logistics plant, it becomes part of that list of strategic customers who bring prestige and weight to our company, it represents the achievement of a goal, but also the stimulus for professional growth.